what to expect from a treatment

Treatments can take between an hour to two hours.


A thorough history of the horse or dog is taken.

Gait analysis

The horses gait (movement) is assessed inhand on a flat, hard surface. The horse may also be asked to be lunged on a soft surface and possibly ridden.

Palpation and joint range of motion

Your horse or dog will then be manually palpated to assess the animal’s soft tissue and joint range of motion.


Treatment will then be carried out to help with any issues found on examination. This can vary from manual therapies and electrotherapies. More information on these techniques can be found on the next page.

Exercise prescription:

An exercise program may be given to help with future exercise to aid recovery, enhance performance and help with the treatment given. This will be tailored to your animals specific needs.

Follow up

Any follow up appointments can then be discussed between Jess and the owner if required.

Veterinary Referral

A veterinary referral is required before every treatment. Jess will contact the vet before a treatment is carried out to check if there is any relevant history we need to know before carrying out a treatment. All therapists are required to do this under the veterinary surgeons act 1966.

Jess also works closely with farriers, vets, saddlers and other equine professionals to gain the best possible results for your animal.

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