Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is very effective in promoting healing of the soft tissues. It works by increasing cell membrane permeability making the cells work more effectively.

Ultrasound assists in the body’s healing processes and stimulates tissue regeneration. It also promotes synthesis and increases the tensile strength of collagen making it very effective for tendon injuries. Ultrasound can also have a thermal effect increasing circulation and reliving muscle spasms.

Ultrasound is also very good for breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.


Laser therapy

Laser is very effective in wound healing. Red and blue lasers are used for treatment. The use of blue laser is used to speed up the healing of infected wounds and has also been shown to help target conditions such as mud fever and gingivitis. It is also very effective at reducing pain and assisting with joint problems.


Pulsed electro magnetic therapy

PMFT induces a chemical charge in the cells increasing the bloody supply and assisting with cellular regeneration. PMFT is used for many things such as pain relief, fracture healing, nerve regeneration, oedema and soft tissue injuries.


Neuromuscular stimulation

NMES works by causing muscle contraction and helps release muscle spasm and tension by mobilising the muscle. NMES can be used to help build muscle in wasted muscles. It can also strengthen and re-educate weak or damaged muscles. NMES can be very effective when used alongside a correct rehabilitation program.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

TENS is a pain relieving treatment which works by mimicking the pain gate theory. It stimulates the sensory nerves and causes a release of endorphins in the body.

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